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Dr. Robert BrooksCarolyn ChapmanDr. Richard CurwinCara Shores
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Call (800) 991-1114 for speaker rates and booking information.
(Fees from $1200 per day - plus expenses - and up.)

  • William N. Bender, Ph.D. - ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Violence Prevention, Other Topics
  • Barbara Pearl - Math that Motivates, Teaching Math to At-Risk Students, RTI, Family Workshops, more.
  • Robert Brooks, Ph.D. - Motivational, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Stress Reduction, Other Topics
  • Toody Byrd - Motivational, Difficult Students, Other Topics
  • Dr. Richard Curwin - Discipline With Dignity, Other Topics
  • Alan W. Foust - Campus Safety, Violence Prevention, Other Topics
  • Gayle Gregory - Differentiated Instruction, Learning Styles, Other Topics
  • Bill Haggart - Learning Styles Assessment, Block Scheduling, Other Topics
  • Steve Hawes- "The Winning Way via The Brain Train", Learning Styles, Other Topics
  • Karen Kemp - Inclusion, At-Risk Kids, Other Topics
  • Marilee Sprenger - Brain Compatible Learning, Memory & Differentiation
  • Laura Waller - Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Classrooms, RTI Reading Instruction, other topics
  • Darlene Crane - ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Response to Intervention Specialist

Esther WilliamsDr. William BenderHenry PankeySandra Worsham

  • Dr. Rita King - Multiple Intelligences, Motivation Strategies, Preparing Children for Kindergarten, Effective Learning Environments, The Writing Process, Teaching Reading Skills, Strategies for Test Success
  • Dr. Ellen Marshall - The Change Process, Positive Guidance and Discipline, Other Topics
  • Marilyn J. McGuire - Violence Prevention, Discipline, At-Risk Students, Other Topics
  • Dr. Judylynn Mitchell - Cultural Diversity, Reading Instruction, Other Topics
  • Henry Pankey- Tough love, Improving Student Achievement, Other Topics
  • Richard Ramsey - Motivational, Discipline With Dignity, Other Topics
  • Vickie Scheer - Discipline With Unity, Mentoring New Teachers, Other Topics
  • Cara Shores - Differentiated Instruction, Student Support Teams, Other Topics
  • Dr. Terry Smith - Physical Intervention Support Techniques, ADHD, Other Topics
  • Pam Webster - Brain Gym, Brain Compatiable Learning, Other Topics
  • Ann B. Welch - ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Inclusion, Other Topics
  • Esther Williams - Stress Management, Assessment Tools, Teaching Anger Management to Students, Other Topics
  • Sandra Worsham - Writing Instruction, Improving Writing Test Scores, Reading Instruction, Other Topics

Richard RamseyBruce CampbellVickie ScheerToody Byrd

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